Tessa Thompson’s First Kiss Is ‘Immortalized For Life’ In A Music Video

I do not remember my first kiss (it probably looked like this), but I can guarantee it wasn’t as eventful as Tessa Thompson’s first kiss. The actress appears in W magazine’s “2021 Best Performance Issue,” where she was asked about the first time she locked lips with someone. “I wasn’t a child actor, but my dad had a friend who was a casting director, and they were casting a music video for an artist named Brenda Russell,” Thompson recalled. “I kissed a young boy who was also in the music video. His name was Floyd.” I couldn’t find the video she’s referring to, so let’s re-watch the “Pynk” video instead.

Anyway, let’s hear more about Floyd, shall we?

“So my first kiss was technically on set, and then I wasn’t on set again for over a decade after that. But that was my first kiss. It’s on camera. It’s immortalized for life. In the video, I think it’s this idea that we play the younger version of this married couple whose relationship is falling apart, and they’re trying to get back to their child selves. I play this woman, and I’m in a wedding dress. We get married. I was 6, but I remember that day feeling very adult, so it didn’t scare me. I felt like I was born for this. Actually, I think about Floyd every so often.”

Poor Floyd. LaKeith Stanfield also has a memorable first kiss story.

“On the playground, in kindergarten or first grade. But it really wasn’t a first kiss. I just liked this girl and I thought, If you like a girl, you go kiss her. And so I ran up and kissed her on the cheek. And then, since we were on the playground, she was kind of sweaty so I had a bad taste in my mouth, and I threw up all over the playground. She was there and just kind of kept walking. So I got my karma for running up kissing people.”

Stanfield never spoke to her again. Maybe she ended up with Floyd? Sounds like an idea for a romantic-comedy (starring Thompson and Stanfield, of course).

(Via W magazine)