‘The Accountant’ Beat ‘Moana’ And ‘Wonder Woman’ To Become The Most Rented Movie Of 2017

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04.06.18 5 Comments

Warner Bros.

Despite its unprecedented success at the box office last year, Wonder Woman‘s efforts on the homefront have paled in comparison to another superhero in the Warner Bros. family. No, I’m not talking about Ben Affleck’s Batman, whose appearance in Justice League wasn’t enough to save it from its own director’s jokes about Henry Cavill’s CGI-removed mustache. His ballpoint pen-busting role in 2016’s The Accountant, however, seemingly drove it to best Wonder Woman and Disney’s Moana as the most rented movie of 2017.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the MPAA’s recent decision to include home entertainment figures in its annual report revealed the best Batman film in recent memory‘s stellar performance at the home box office last year. Specifically, the report indicates that “The Accountant topped the list of U.S. digital movie rentals” in 2017, thereby outpacing other high at-home performers like Moana and Wonder Woman. Commenting on the matter, MPAA Chairman and CEO Charles Rivkin said, “The strong and vibrant theatrical and home entertainment market is expanding on many fronts.”

As for precisely how much better Affleck’s non-superhero superhero movie did when compared to Disney and Gal Gadot’s rentals, those figures were frustratingly unavailable. However, we happen to know someone who would have no problem crunching the numbers.

Warner Bros.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)

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