Matthew McConaughey’s Entire Career Has Led To ‘The Beach Bum’ Trailer

It’s the role Matthew McConaughey was born to play: A “rebellious rogue” who spends his days getting high and spouting stoned-wisdom.

The Beach Bum comes from the mind of Harmony Korine, whose last film, the highly-entertaining Spring Breakers, is full of twisted pleasures. His new feature doesn’t have four collegestudents in bikinis or James Franco as a drug dealer-slash-rapper, but it does have McConaughey, as Moondog, saying “poetic foreplay” and playing a snake-covered bongo, and an eclectic supporting cast, including Isla Fisher, Snoop Dogg (as Lingerie), Martin Lawrence, Zac Efron (with an unsettling haircut), Jonah Hill (with an equally upsetting accent), and “Cheeseburger in Paradise” maestro Jimmy Buffett as himself, naturally.

Also, there’s a blind pilot smoking a comically large joint.


I can’t wait. Here’s the official film synopsis:

The Beach Bum follows the outrageous misadventures of Moondog (Matthew McConaughey), a rebellious burnout who only knows how to live life by his own rules. Complete with an all-star cast including Snoop Dogg, Isla Fisher, Zac Efron, Jimmy Buffett, Martin Lawrence, and Jonah Hill, The Beach Bum is the wildly original and subversive new comedy from Harmony Korine (Spring Breakers).

The Beach Bum opens on March 22.