The Director Of ‘Suicide Squad’ Claims We’ve Seen ‘Only The Tiniest Glimpse’

Film productions usually try to batten down the hatches when filming, even in public, but the Suicide Squad team has been surprisingly cool with the public filming them at work. Turns out, it might be because we haven’t seen much from the movie.

Filming on the streets of Toronto has wrapped and the production is now moving to soundstages. David Ayer celebrated with this:

It’s not the biggest surprise that the set leaks only show a small bit of the story. Much of what we’ve seen clearly comes early on in the movie, or takes place during one particular action sequence. That said, leaks are inevitable, especially with this Instagram-happy cast, and we’ll be curious to see what else comes out during production. Just, hopefully, nobody else tears a bicep.

(Via ONTD)