Netflix’s ‘The Perfection’ Is The Most Bonkers Movie Of The Year, And People Can’t Stop Talking About It


[This post has no specific spoilers for The Perfection, but if you’re planning on watching the movie, I recommend going in completely blind; don’t even watch the trailer]

Netflix quaintly describes The Perfection, a new horror-thriller from director Richard Shepard starring Allison Williams and Logan Browning, as about a “once-promising music prodigy [who] reconnects with her former mentors, only to find them taken with a talented new pupil.” That’s not much of a hook, but to say anything more would give away the twisty insanity that’s to come. I watched The Perfection on an airplane, the worst possible environment to watch a movie, and I was completely enraptured by the thrilling first half of the film… before it mostly lost me in the trashy second half. And yet, I still strongly recommend everyone watch this nutty and titillating movie, which is why I won’t spoil what happens. Instead, here’s Williams, who proved her great performance in Get Out was no fluke, has to say about The Perfection.

“I seem to be drawn to people who have layers to both their personalities and to their motives and actions at any given time,” the Girls star told the Hollywood Reporter. “I think that’s one of the things that’s always been fun to me about acting is being able to play someone who might just seem duplicitous or who is actually duplicitous or at least who isn’t always an accurate representation at all times of who they are because I don’t know any human beings like that.”

Again, I don’t think The Perfection is an amazing movie or anything (three out of five stars), but it’s one that you’ll want to discuss at great length with everyone. (Imagine trying to sustain a conversation about Aladdin for more than five minutes. It’s impossible.) That doesn’t come along every day, especially not from Netflix, which seemingly releases 47 anonymous movies every day. You can throw a lot of criticisms at The Perfection, but “anonymous” isn’t one of them. And those who have already watched The Perfection can’t stop talking about it.

(Via Hollywood Reporter)