Are Eva Mendes And The Rock Getting Their Own ‘Fast And Furious’ Spinoffs?

There can never be enough Fast and the Furious. This week, it was confirmed that the blockbuster franchise will be back in 2017 with its eighth installment. And now, according to a rumor over at We Got This Covered, there may be a spinoff or two in the works as well.

It seems Eva Mendes, who goes all the way back to 2 Fast 2 Furious and made a post-credits cameo in Fast Five alongside Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, is in line to lead the rumored spinoff. Should her also rumored appearance in Furious 8 prove to be a hit with fans, the job is likely hers:

If you recall, not too long ago, we told you that Eva Mendes would be brought back for Furious 8. That still appears to be the case. But now, the same source who gave us that tip is back and has new information for us. According to him, Mendes is being brought back because both Vin Diesel and director F. Gary Gray want to test how she does with audiences as they’re thinking of giving her character, Monica Fuentes, a spinoff film.

Even if you aren’t a devoted follower of these flicks, who could possibly have a problem with this idea? The world needs more Eva Mendes and if her own side project is the proposed delivery device, then bring it on.

As for The Rock, he might also be getting his own solo film as Hobbs. According to ScreenRant, The Rock is definitely interested in giving his popular character from the series a little room to breathe:

“We all are interested in it. I just had a big conversation with the studio. So we’ll see. I still think for me personally we’ve created a little bit of space for him in 7 and the gauge is set for what the audience will want. That’s my take on it, you know, but a lot of other people have to have input.”

We already know Vin Diesel is committed to creating an entire universe with the Fast And Furious franchise, so maybe there’s a little weight to this news. How could you go wrong with The Rock and Eva Mendes? He was only in the last film for around a minute, but still made an impact:

(via We Got This Covered)