‘Fast 8’ Crew Members Reportedly Reveal Why The Rock Is So Mad At ‘Candy Ass’ Vin Diesel

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There are people who believe that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s “candy ass” rant was simply a throwback to his legendary wrestling promos and that he’s not actually beefing with anyone on the Fast 8 set. Instead, he might even be setting up an epic WrestleMania clash. However, there are others who believe and even know that this feud is apparently real and it all comes down to Vin Diesel, the star and producer of the Fast and Furious films, wanting to go one-on-one with the Great One, so to speak. If the Fast 8 co-stars are faking it, they’re doing a great job by letting crew members feed the juiciest gossip to TMZ.

On Tuesday, TMZ reported that the “candy ass” in question was, in fact, Diesel and that he and The Rock are at odds over their massive egos. That sounds odd, of course, because The Rock seems like the nicest guy on the planet, even if he is the highest-paid action star in the world. Diesel, on the other hand, well, he’s the guy who thought Fast 7 deserved a Best Picture Oscar, so it’s a little easier to buy him as a me-first guy. Now, though, TMZ has tapped into “production sources” for the real reason these two stars aren’t getting along.

Members of the crew tell us Vin was often 30 minutes to an hour late to shoot scenes … and it wasn’t because he was late to the set — he was simply in his trailer and wouldn’t come out.

We’re told Vin didn’t like Monday 7 AM calls so production was forced to make the start time 10 AM to accommodate him.

And the crew felt Vin’s arrogance was out of control, especially because he had a producer title. We’re told he wouldn’t listen to anyone and would goad people, including The Rock, by criticizing their acting. (Via TMZ)

I’d give all of my baseball cards and comic books to see video of Vin-freaking-Diesel criticizing someone’s acting. Especially if that video comes as an extra feature on the Blu Ray for The Last Witch Hunter.

As for The Rock, while he might not be compared to Daniel Day-Lewis in terms of acting talent, the crew still reportedly loves working with him. Diesel took to Instagram to announce that his daughter’s newest word is “happy,” which means I lost the office pool for picking “Pablo,” but he teased another announcement for when we give him “a second,” so we should expect him to address this madness at some point between now and when it’s convenient for the Fast 8 marketing cycle.