Thor Is Just The Worst Possible Roommate In This Hilarious Comedy Piece

Not all gods are created equal when it comes to having them as your roommate. Nothing personal, Thor. You’re just really, really, really bad at splitting a place with.

As Thor: Ragnarok gears up to occupy a very welcome place in our hearts, director Taika Waititi has returned us to the fascinating world of Thor and his mortal roommate Daryl. We previously met these two in what doubled as an explanation for what Thor was up to while some other Marvel madness was going down. This look-in has Thor lounging about in all his Norse studliness and taunting Darryl for suggesting the hammer wielder get his ass off his indoor bike and get a job.

“‘Knowledge is power.’ No it’s not. Knowledge is not power. That’s power,” explains Thor and his lamppost-sized arm. After all, if the brain’s a muscle and he’s got muscles, Thor is a very brainy character covered brains. (That’s his logic, not ours.)

The clip, which lives as part of a video extra for Doctor Strange, does a bang-up job of driving home how frustrating Darryl’s living arrangement is. Between Team Thor and Ghostbusters, it seems like the man is a genius when it comes to playing entertaining attractive nuisances. Thor: Ragnarok is scheduled to arrive in theaters and take your Asgardian currency on November 3.