Tom Cruise Teases ‘Top Gun 2’ While Recounting His Disastrous First Ride In An F-14

Tom Cruise is continuing the promotion for Jack Reacher 2, a movie series that is like military John Wick without the dog, and he has gone from the high energy of his entire career with James Corden to just sitting around with Graham Norton. As with most of his appearances, Cruise had to bat off any rumors about Top Gun 2 despite the rumors being clear and the internet still partially working for everybody out there. We can look up Jerry Bruckheimer on Twitter and see it right there.

That’s what Norton does on the show and Cruise decides to chat about it a moment before telling a story about when he first signed on for the job with the original Top Gun and made it a contract obligation that he got to fly inside an actual F-14. This leads to a funny tale about his pilot buddy “Bozo” and a horrible experience while using a vomit bag. Apparently “Bozo” took the plane deep into an ascent and it forced Cruise to almost go into his own rear while vomiting. We’ve all seen angry Tom Cruise at some point or another, so this is more angry movie Tom Cruise. You could easily picture Dustin Hoffman as his pilot and he’s yelling at him while arguing about The People’s Court.

Cruise also shared the story about learning to hold his breath for 6 1/2 minutes during Mission: Impossible 5, something his fellow celebrity guests can’t believe. Jude Law attempts to show his own breath holding story but can’t compete with the super intense Cruise.

(Via Graham Norton)

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