Tom Cruise Never, Ever Takes A Day Off Because He’s ‘Living The Dream’

As Tom Cruise gets ready to fly into theaters with Top Gun: Maverick, the actor has been making the promotional rounds where he tries to provide the most humble answers possible to questions like, “Why do you almost kill yourself in every movie?” and presumably, “Do you even age, man?” During a recent interview with Bella magazine, Cruise opened up about his tireless work ethic, which he claims comes easily because his job doesn’t feel like work. When asked what he does on his days off, Cruise revealed that he has no idea because he never takes one.

“This is a day off for me, because I am not shooting!” he told Bella (via Contact Music). “I’m just chillin’ now. I don’t have days off. Look, I’m fortunate, I’m lucky. I’ve spent my life on movie sets and traveling the world, which is what I always wanted to do. So this is not work – I’m living the dream.”

Cruise’s claim that he doesn’t take a day off jibes with a recent anecdote from director Doug Liman who not only worked with, but actually lived with the intense star while filming American Made. According to Liman, Cruise’s birthday was coming up, and instead of planning a big bash or taking the long weekend, the actor scheduled an eight hour aviation meeting. For fun.

“He said, ‘Yes, that’s what I want for my birthday. I want to be making a movie. That’s the best birthday present,'” Liman told Deadline. “There was no blowing out candles, either. Cake? No, Tom doesn’t eat cake.”

Top Gun: Maverick opens in theaters on May 27.

(Via Contact Music)