James Corden Couldn’t Wait To Feel The Ground Again After Being In A Fighter Jet With Tom Cruise Ahead Of ‘Top Gun: Maverick’

Soon-to-be outgoing The Late Late Show host James Corden has grown accustomed to Tom Cruise’s antics. The Risky Business star famously forced Corden to skydive in 2018, and Corden recently revealed that Tom casually decided to land a helicopter on Corden’s front lawn. So the stage was set (to promote Top Gun: Maverick) with more Cruise-daredevil shenanigans, and Corden had no choice but to head into the sky with Tom as he piloted them into the sky in a vintage plane.

Granted, there was fun and hooting and hollering to be had at first, as well as Corden mentioning a bathroom break, Tom denying him, and then Corden declaring that a break was no longer needed. Classy stuff for sure, but Corden ultimately could have done without the high-flying antics while holding up a “Help Me” sign to draw laughs from the audience. Yes, the pair survived their initial voyage, and James was thrilled to feel the ground again, but of course, Tom decided to drag Corden back into the thick of things while cranking up the drama in a straight-up, modern-day fighter jet, one that could fly straight into a war zone.

“You absolute bastard” did come out of James’ mouth around the 12:30 mark above, and Tom totally deserved it. Hey, not everyone casually perches upon a speeding train for fun or enjoys being upside down in a fighter jet. (To each his own.)

Top Gun: Maverick soars into theaters on May 27.