Tom Hiddleston And Another Marvel Actor Swapping Characters For Halloween Is As Delightful As You’d Expect

Loki is up to his games again, but this time, the effects are entirely positive. That’s what happens when two MCU actors decide to swap their characters out for Halloween, and suddenly (sorry, Falcon and The Winter Soldier) there’s no Marvel buddy comedy that I want to see more than this one. Tom Hiddleston, who plays famed trickster Loki in the Avengers films and an upcoming Disney+ series, decided that he’d pass the horns to Charlie Cox, who starred in three seasons of the now-defunct Daredevil Netflix series.

On Wednesday evening, the two actors popped out on Broadway (where they’re both playing roles in the current Betrayal production), and folks who already awaited them in normal, civilian attire received a real surprise. You might want to turn down the volume before watching this fan-made video of their big reveal.

Not bad, not bad, and certainly a nice change from the sea of Jokers out there this year. Of course, there are actors who are jumping between DC and Marvel characters (like Jared Leto, who will soon star in as a moody vampire in Morbius, a Spider-Man spinoff for Sony), but Hiddleston remains firmly in the MCU. As for Cox, his Marvel days may be over, unless Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige makes some surprising decisions about those Netflix MCU shows after taking over as Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer. Hell, a Loki-Daredevil show couldn’t be more outlandish that what we’re seeing so far from WandaVision, but Halloween is for jokes, and Hiddleston and Cox hit the mark.