Tom Hiddleston May Have Finally Taken His Love For Taylor Swift Too Far

As most know, the world stopped a little while back when we all found out that Taylor Swift was dating Tom Hiddleston. Romance was in the air, Swift was on the rebound from a Calvin Harris breakup, and beach-side photographs made people go slightly insane. The horror!

While most people don’t care too much about the relationships between celebrities, today might be the day that changes. It seems that Tom Hiddleston has done something that has sent him over the deep end:

As you can tell at the link, that is indeed a t-shirt that says “I love T.S.” on Hiddleston as he swims with T.S. I suppose it could be T.S. Eliot, but that’s a stretch. It’s the next horrible step past wearing a band’s t-shirt to their concert. Is it witty? Is it a bold statement? Or maybe it’s just a way to needle those detractors in their sides?

Clearly he got this idea from Randy Quaid, which makes me fear what else they’ve got in store for the public. Or maybe these conspiracy theories will turn out to be true and it’s all just a grab for fame. Personally I think it’d be a good thing if Hiddleston turns out to be as sinister and slick as Loki in real life. If there was a role you’d want him to live out for real, it’d be that one or Hank Williams. Just don’t try to sing.

(Via The Daily Mail)