Please (Respectfully) Enjoy This Three-Hour Loop Of The ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Beach Football Scene

The beach football scene in Top Gun: Maverick is two minutes and 25 seconds long. I checked for, uh, research purposes. If that’s not enough time spent respectfully staring at shirtless hunks (and Monica Barbaro’s Phoenix!) for you, here’s a late Christmas present: Paramount has released a three-hour loop of the sequence on YouTube.

“Some folks might prefer staring at a crackling fire for their yuletide celebrations, but if you’re the type who feels the need for speed, a loop of Top Gun: Maverick‘s sweaty beach football scene might be the holiday joy you’re looking for,” the description reads. The video is not recommended for fans of the Denver Broncos.

“When I was prepping the movie, it was the thing that I got asked most about — is there going to be a volleyball scene? — which kind of surprised me. So the challenge was, if we’re going to do a beach scene, we got to work it into the narrative of our story. We’re not just going to do one to do it,” director Joseph Kosinski told the Hollywood Reporter about the scene. “Once it was clear that we were able to push the story forward and continue the narrative, then it was a matter of just having fun and being able to shoot a beach scene for Top Gun and just making the best version of it that I could.”

Top Gun: Maverick is available to watch on Paramount+.