‘Top Gun 2’ Has A Reported Frontrunner To Direct And It’s Someone Tom Cruise Has Worked With Before

It’ll be well over 30 years between Top Gun movies when Top Gun 2 arrives, but you can’t say things don’t appear to be moving fast following Tom Cruise’s big sequel bean spill (SO MANY LOOSE BEANS) on Australian morning TV. We’re now at the stage of the game where The Hollywood Reporter is chatting about the current contenders to take on the motion picture. It looks like the frontrunner might be someone Cruise knows rather well from a previous collaboration.

THR says Joseph Kosinski is “circling” the director’s chair for the new Top Gun movie. (Sadly, the search for a new director is a necessary part of the proceedings because Tony Scott passed away in 2015.) Kosinski previously worked with Cruise when he helmed the 2013 sci-fi offering Oblivion. You might be better acquainted with Kosinski’s debut Tron: Legacy or his “Mad World” soundtracked Call of Duty TV spots, though.

Kosinski is the one getting shine in THR‘s report, but he’s not the only candidate noted as being considered to make this highly anticipated volleyball fighter pilot movie. Joachim Ronning was also a potential Top Gun 2 helmer, but scheduling hurdles from his swashbuckler Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales put whatever the boat version of a monkey wrench is into that would be filmmaking direction.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)