The Rumored ‘Trainspotting’ Sequel Gets A Major Update From Ewan McGregor

Finally, 10 years after author Irvine Welsh published Porno, the sequel to Trainspotting – we have definitive news on the filming of the sequel movie. According to Ewan McGregor, who for years was on the outs with Trainspotting director Danny Boyle over not being cast in The Beach (the role went to an actor named Leonardo DiCaprio), all is well and the movie will start shooting this May.

Speaking with Collider, McGregor pulls back the curtain on the long-awaited sequel that has been difficult to get off the ground:

It’s been 10 years since Irvine Welsh wrote the sequel novel, “Porno”, so it’s been a long time, a lot of speculation. For me, too! 10 years ago, I didn’t want to do it; I wasn’t ready to do it. Also, there was no script.

The script only arrived very recently, which was really, really, really good. I think, if that had not happened, none of us would be into it. I think we’re all sort of somewhat protective of what Trainspotting means to people, and what it means to us. None of us want to make a poor sequel to it. So had we not been presented with the most extraordinary script, which we were, I think we wouldn’t be making the sequel. But because we were, we are.

With speculation on the title, to where the characters are 20 years later (in the book it’s been 10 years since the events in Trainspotting), the months until release are going to be torture. But it’s okay, we can handle the wait now that we’ve been through the roller coaster of filmmaking emotions thanks to Danny Boyle and crew.

(Via Collider)