Did You Notice These Unexpected Shared Movie Universes?

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Just last week, we learned new Netflix series Luke Cage has a wild Easter egg that slyly places Back To The Future in the same universe. That was heavy. Now Mr. Sunday Movies — whom you probably know from his deep dives into Suicide Squad and other movies — is back with another “10 things” video. This time he covers that Luke Cage Easter egg and nine (or so) other ones which place sometimes unexpected films in the same cinematic universe.

We’ve already spoken about some of these crossovers in the past, like the links to Star Wars peppered throughout the Indiana Jones series. R2-D2 can be spotted throughout those movies and in several others, including Star Trek Into Darkness and Close Encounters Of The 3rd Kind. And those references in Indiana Jones were reciprocated in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. As supervising sound editor and sound designer David Acord explained last February, the boulder roll sound from Raiders of the Lost Ark was used in Force Awakens at an apropos time.

To be fair, most of these Easter eggs are just fun nods to the fans — or inside jokes from one director to another — and are not meant to be taken as canon. Nonetheless, we’ll always believe Batman watches Rick And Morty.

(Via Mr. Sunday Movies)

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