Vin Diesel Riled Up Chemtrail Conspiracy Theorists With A Harmless Photo

Vin Diesel’s Facebook page has long been a source of endless inspiration, whether you’re a rabid Fast and Furious fan who wants to pay tribute to Paul Walker or you’re just a card-carrying member of the astonishing Cult of Diesel. His fans routinely drop off custom art for holidays and movie tributes, and the actor shows his appreciation by sharing it and even airing live videos from the sets of his films. Vin Diesel is a man of the people, even if some of those people might seem insane to those of us who think he’s just a decent actor riding a tsunami of fortune from one franchise.

However, for the first time that we’ve ever noticed, Diesel’s love of sharing photos has stirred up a little bit of controversy. In what could be a photo from the set of xXx 3: The Return of Xander Cage (as evidenced by the X finger sign) or simply a photo from an airshow the actor attended because of his love of extreme sports, fans and conspiracy theorists noticed not what Diesel was doing, but instead what was happening in the background. That’s right – CHEMTRAILS.

For those of you who aren’t hip to the ways in which the government, Illuminati, New World Order, and/or lizard people are pulling the strings, the chemtrail conspiracy theory suggests that those white lines that we see in the sky, left behind by airplanes and rockets, actually contain chemicals that trickle down and sneak into our bodies and brains so that the lizard people and Dick Cheney can control our minds. From there, I dunno, maybe they tell us to shoot people or draw penises on bank walls. I’m not really sure, because it’s all a bit stupid to me.

It’s not stupid to Diesel’s fans, though, because they were simply shocked to learn that their icon has been behind the conspiracy all along.

Now, that’s just a taste of the barium and thorium, and there’s plenty more where that came from. For once, the amazing fan-love for Diesel is merely sprinkled among myriad accusations and statements of clarity from people who just want us sheeple to wake up and smell the polymer fibers. Bottom line: we should all aspire to be more like one woman who simply knows the whole truth…

If only there was an actor brave enough to take on an Illuminati muscle man like Diesel. Oh wait, there is. His name? Chuck Norris. Go get those mind-controlling chemtrails, Walker.