Witness Vin Diesel Getting Very Excited About ‘Street Sharks’ At Toy Fair 1994

When a classic clip is unearthed that shows a celebrity doing work before they are famous, it’s usually something mundane or tame. A high school performance or some sort of play, which usually might end with something embarrassing if you’re lucky. But sometimes there is a holy grail, a video so amazing that it is just special from the very start.
That’s what we have here from Vin Diesel. Clad in his finest leather vest, Diesel is the greatest hype man a toy company could hope for as he beats the hell out of some Ninja Turtles with the team from Street Sharks. It’s the type of job you might not think would feature such enthusiasm, but Diesel owns it much like he owns everything he does these days. He enjoys himself with everything he does, be it an entire series based around Riddick or the superpowers of the Street Sharks.

The clip really hits its heights when Diesel pops on the hand shark toy and goes ballistic on a velociraptor toy, going full “Rocky Balboa action.” I’m not entirely sure if this is a normal thing or a normal part of the Toy Fair job, but it should be. There can never be enough adults acting like the biggest kids in the world, just as long as we keep them away from political office or other meaningful jobs. Nobody wants a surgeon to hit you in the face with a launching hammerhead shark toy.

(Via TV Days)

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