‘Westworld’ And ‘Jurassic Park’ Might Not Be As Different As You Think

You’d be surprised by how much robot cowboys and cloned dinosaurs have in common. Or maybe you wouldn’t be. That’s between you and your god.

College Humor has noticed something about Westworld and Jurassic Park that they’ve elected to share in video form. The big revelation? They’re the same damn thing. Don’t be fooled by all the orgies and prehistoric poop, these two offerings have the same general outline. Mind you, both are Michael Crichton adaptations, so a bit of crossover doesn’t seem all that nutty a proposition.

“Imagine a theme park populated with things from the past that 8-year-olds love.” offers our narrator in this cheerfully snarky analysis.

There are a lot of aligning threads between the two. Old British creator guys in a patriarchal role, theoretically possible science and a horrorshow scenario that wasn’t supposed to happen populate both Westworld and Jurassic Park, although we suppose only one gets played in 4th grade when the science teacher is nursing a fortified wine hangover. There’s also the dependable intertwining elements of morality, safety and carnage shared between the two and it’s also melted together in the clip.

How similar do you find the two? Weigh in with your thoughts in the comments. (Note: This question is only open to Westworld viewers who DO NOT have a picture of Jeff Goldblum painted directly onto their TV screen.)

(Via College Humor)