Which Kevin Costner Movie Was Chris Hemsworth Dying To Star In As A ‘Horse Wrangler’ And The Romantic Lead?

Chris Hemsworth might be one of the biggest rising stars in Hollywood, but he still can’t snatch roles away from Kevin Costner.

While attending this year’s CinemaCon, Hemsworth revealed that he tried to enter the Western genre after falling in love with a script, but he was rebuffed by the Yellowstone star, who was already attached to the part. Costner had no intentions of giving up the role despite Hemsworth’s best efforts.

Via Entertainment Tonight:

“There was a movie, a script that I’d read and loved and was like, ‘I want to get that,’ and then someone said, ‘Kevin Costner has that [role],'” Hemsworth told ET‘s Kevin Frazier. “I’d love [to have] him as a director. I was like, ‘Goddamnit!’ [I spent] an hour the other day trying to convince him and he was like, ‘I’m doing it, kid.’ Didn’t work. I didn’t get the part.”

As for why Costner didn’t hand over the role, he gave a hilariously blunt response to ET about telling the Thor star to “wait his turn.”

“As long as I’m still young enough to play it, I’ll play it,” Costner quipped before taking a moment to speak highly of Hemsworth.

“He’s so handsome and he’s so good,” Costner said. “He’s going to have to go find his [own] love story. [But] I’m glad he likes this one. If I reach a moment where I [don’t] think I could do that, I would [reach out]. He’s certainly one of our great leading men right now.”

Neither Costner nor Hemsworth revealed the film, but a quick look at Costner’s IMDb page says he has an untitled project with Ariel Vromen on his acting slate. Costner is also listed as the writer of the film, which could explain his reluctance to part with the role if it’s the project that Hemsworth was talking about.

(Via Entertainment Tonight)