Could Kevin Costner Come Back For A ‘Yellowstone’ Goodbye After All?

After a battle with Taylor Sheridan that’s raged on for over a year now, Kevin Costner has reportedly signaled that he’s ready to come back to Yellowstone after all. The hit cowboy series has yet to film the back half of its fifth and now final season, and for months, it’s been reported that Costner will not be involved with the show’s ending despite his character John Dutton being a pivotal part of Yellowstone. Apparently, he’s changed his mind?

However, while Costner may have had a change of heart, Sheridan may not be so open to the idea after a long and truncated process that has reportedly involved lawyers and testy phone calls.

From the Puck newsletter via ScreenRant:

Puck reports that Costner now wants to come back for Yellowstone season 5 part 2, hoping to return as John for at least a cameo in the final season. However, filming is set to start in a few weeks while scripts for the last batch of episodes have already been finalized. The report indicates it’s unclear if Sheridan would be willing to alter his scripts to give the actor one last appearance om the show.

If true, what are the chances of Sheridan accommodating Costner’s request for a cameo? We honestly can’t say. The prolific TV writer has been the subject of several reports lately, too. Matthew McConaughey was set to lead a new Yellowstone sequel series, but he’s reportedly clashing with Sheridan’s alleged “God complex.”

Meanwhile, there’s reportedly been tension between Sheridan and Cole Hauser, who plays breakout character Rip Wheeler on the flagship Yellowstone series. The two were briefly locked in a lawsuit over a coffee brand, which unearthed reports that they once got into a physical brawl on set.

(Via Puck, ScreenRant)