It Sounds Like The Back-In-Development ‘X-Force’ Movie Will Be R-Rated


Bryan Singer recently revealed Simon Kinberg is “in the earliest script stage” on the long-rumored X-Force movie. For what it’s worth, both Deadpool‘s Ryan Reynolds and Kinberg himself have previously said X-Force should be R-rated. Now Kinberg has reiterated his opinion on R-rated stories in an interview with Den of Geek:

“When there are films that want to be raunchier, want to be darker, want to be violent or R-rated, [Fox will] be open to it. And not every movie should be. I don’t think that the main X-Men movies should be R-rated; I don’t think they’re R-rated stories. But if we were to make an X-Force movie, that probably should be R-rated. And what we’re doing with the Wolverine movie… that wasn’t impacted by Deadpool. We’d made the decision for Wolverine to be R-rated before Deadpool came out. But I think there’s even more confidence about having made that decision now that you see that an R-rated Deadpool movie can do better than any X-Men movie’s ever done.”

That jibes with what we’ve been hearing about Wolverine 3, which was already rumored to go rated-R before Deadpool broke records for an R-rated movie, and Wolverine 3‘s R-rating was recently confirmed. We just hope all of these upcoming R-rated X-Men films are more like Deadpool (pegging and chimichangas) and less like an unnecessary 3-D conversion chasing a fad.

(Via Den of Geek and Comics Alliance)