Watch The ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Gag Reel Before Everything We’ve Built Will Fall

X-Men: Apocalypse released on digital HD earlier this month, with the commentary track providing a Wolverine 3 reveal, and the film comes to DVD and Blu-ray on October 4. One thing you can find on the DVD extras, besides more Jubilee, is the fun, Jennifer Lawrence-filled blooper reel above, which may not last for long, so catch it while you can.

Even though the film may have garnered some bad reviews (and some good ones) and fan complaints (like comparing Apocalypse to Ivan Ooze), there’s no doubt the cast was having fun on the set, with the possible exception of Rose Byrne, who was expected to walk on a completely grated floor in heels. That doesn’t end well.

The reel has plenty of fun scenes, like Jennifer Lawrence (Mystique) trying to deliver a motivational speech while Nicholas Hoult (Beast) improvises backing lines that definitely can’t go in the movie. We also learned so much about the characters, like Mystique’s obsession with lunch, Michael Fassbender (Magneto) knowing only destruction and extreme pattycake, Oscar Isaac (Apocalypse) liking Roseanne Barr, Beast getting jealous about Mystique’s storied past, and Xavier loving his body every Tuesday night while thinking of Magneto.

I love the moment where Alexandra Shipp (Storm) stays stoic while things are exploding then screams about how awesome the explosions were the second the director yells cut. That’s relatable. And yes, there’s even a little bit of Oscar Isaac dancing in this, which we can enthusiastically add to our growing collection.

(Via Blastr)