Zendaya Was Surprised By The Uproar Over Lola Bunny’s New Look In ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’

Space Jam: A New Legacy, the most inexplicably controversial movie of the year, comes out this week, 25 years after the original film. Out is Michael Jordan, in is LeBron James — and a less “sexualized” Lola Bunny, who made her Looney Tunes debut in Space Jam. “I had no idea that people would be that up in arms about a bunny not having boobs,” director Malcolm D. Lee told EW about the uproar over the character’s new design. “We had all these other women who were like, ‘Oh, you can’t be strong and have big boobs?!’ Sure you can, but we’re talking about a cartoon bunny not women!”

This is a movie about cartoon animals playing basketball.

Anyway, EW also spoke to Zendaya, who sounded equally taken aback by the dreaded “discourse” surrounding Lola (she voices Bugs’ female counterpart in A New Legacy). “I didn’t know that was going to happen either! I definitely know we love her, but I didn’t know it was going to be as much of a focus as it was,” the Euphoria actress said. “But I understand, because she’s a lovable character. She’s very important, so I get it.”

“She’s special to a lot of people and their childhoods and they’ve been able to grow up with her, so I get that sense of protection. I was like, listen, just as long as I did what the director and the producers and everybody wanted me to do, I’m just here to offer my services. [Laughs] No, but I felt really grateful just to have the opportunity.”

Everyone needs to chill out and focus on what really matters: Porky Pig’s rapping.

Space Jam: A New Legacy opens in theaters and on HBO Max on July 17.

(Via EW)