GOOD Music’s 070 Shake Released Two New Songs Ahead Of Her Coachella Performance

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GOOD Music’s 070 Shake has been seeing her name grow quickly over the last few months. After her breakout song “Glitter” blew up, she’s turned into the next big thing by dropping a music video for “Mirrors,” performing at Kanye’s “Sunday Service,” and now is pushing out two new songs ahead of her Coachella set. The first, “Morrow,” takes an upbeat, but auto-tuned stab at alternative R&B. The second song is called “Nice To Have” and definitely carries a different vibe, one that’s slower and definitely shows off 070 Shake’s vocals more.

“Morrow” is definitely the song with some more tempo but, don’t get it twisted, it’s talking about not being sure if tomorrow will come. The song takes the aim of being paranoid and feeling that something is off. In “Nice To Have,” there’s a completely different energy coming — one that talks about how great it is to have a partner riding with you and for you. 070 Shake definitely showed off her versatility when she dropped these tracks.

Besides being set to perform at Coachella this weekend, Shake’s song “Glitter” received over 3.5 million streams in a single week, was featured on Season 2 of the Netflix show On My Block, and hit No. 8 on the Spotify Viral Charts according to a press release. What do you think of the songs? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.