21 Savage Thinks He May Be The Greatest Rapper From London So Drake Wants Them To Headline A Show At The O2 Arena

Drake and 21 Savage’s Her Loss is highly anticipated, especially after being delayed a week. They’ve been keeping up the momentum with lots of fake press, the latest of which is a spoof of a Howard Stern interview.

Stern asks, “Do you feel any affiliation with the country that you were born in?” 21 first talks about how he was born in London but his family migrated from the West Indies. Then, Drake begins his answer, saying, “You know my answer, obviously. That place is like everything to me.” 21 interrupts him, declaring, “I might be the greatest rapper from my country, too, though.” Drake agrees: “You know a lot of people say that, right? You know a lot of people are like, ‘You’re the pride of London.’ That’s why that London O2 night has to happen. That’s some real homecoming sh*t. I’m excited for that.” Could an official announcement be on the way?

The spoof interview also includes a detailed conversation about Drake’s favorite porn. “Top,” Drake answers with certainty. “Highest tier of top givers. That’s really what I’m consistently, like on a daily basis, tuned into. Just really, like, those are the real superstars of the world to me.”

Watch the clip below.

Her Loss is out 11/4.