Move Over Travis Scott, 50 Cent Is Handing Out $30,000 To Burger King Employees

Travis Scott’s partnership with McDonalds is confusing elderly employees and exciting fans, leading massive hoards of Gen-Z fans to show up to the fast food restaurant to buy his branded Happy Meal. But 50 Cent has decided to one-up the rapper. 50 and entrepreneur Jay Manzini were feeling generous this week and decided to give back to the rapper’s Queens, New York hometown. The two pulled up to a Burger King on the Southside of Queens on Thursday and surprised employees with stacks of cash.

50 and Manzini rolled through a drive-up Burger King window and urged and employee to call over all of her coworkers. “I’m just trying to pull up and show love to you guys. I know you guys work hard,” Manzini said. He then began pulling cash out of his pocket totaling $30,000, but that’s not all. 50 then came around the corner and employees were beside themselves.

“Me & @50cent had to shut Burger King down in Southside Queens. Passed over 30k me and @50cent to these hard workers, during this pandemic,” Manzini wrote on Instagram. “Fif told me I really like what you’re doing, I told him it’s good karma at the end of the day big bro!!! Change lives & connect with real ones.. Southside Queens stand up!! Ya deserve it.”

50 also shared the clip to Instagram, writing: “@jaymazini is the real deal,he saw me in the hood yesterday so we went tonight and showed everybody some love.”

Watch 50 Cent and Jay Manzini hand out $30,000 to fast food employees above.