50 Cent Says He’s Working With Nas On ‘King’s Disease IV’

Three is the magic number, but it looks like Nas isn’t keeping his King’s Disease album series to a trilogy. At least, not if you believe 50 Cent, who says he’s working with his fellow Queens native and former G-Unit rival on the next installment of the series. As noted by Okayplayer, 50 told Billboard in his new cover story, that he’s slated to feature on King’s Disease IV, although there’s not that much detail included.

In the 2000s, to say that 50 and Nas didn’t quite get along would be an understatement. Although Nas had helped 50 early in his career, their relationship soured as 50 became more popular. 50 told MTV, “Nas was the first person to do something for nothing for me. He allowed me to go on his promo tour [for Nastradamus in 1999]. He said, ‘The way you came out with that record [‘How to Rob’], it felt like when I came out [with ‘Illmatic’].” Given how much he makes on tour now, he probably appreciates it.

When Nas called out 50 and G-Unit onstage in 2004, deploring their commitment to violent, stereotypical imagery (something Nas had been guilty of himself, although he later refocused on promoting a more positive aesthetic), 50 found a way to get back at him. On his 2005 Ja Rule diss “Piggybank,” 50 mocked Nas for getting a tattoo of Kelis, whom he had just married. “Kelis said her milkshake bring all the boys to the yard
/ Then Nas went and tattooed the bitch on his arm,” he rapped.

This led to a short feud between the two that only produced a handful of diss records before they squashed things at Summer Jam 2014. They haven’t collaborated yet, but fans will undoubtedly be excited to hear them do so on King’s Disease IV whenever it arrives.