50 Cent Pulled A Cardi B At His Los Angeles Tour Stop, Throwing A Mic And Hitting A Fan

First, there was a trend of fans throwing things at performers at concerts. But now, it appears that we’ve got a brewing streak of artists returning the favor. A couple of months ago, Cardi B had a viral moment when she threw her mic at a fan after being doused with a drink. Now, 50 Cent has made it a pair, tossing his own mic in frustration during the Los Angeles stop of his The Final Lap Tour and hitting woman in the face.

According to TMZ — which also has the video — the Queens rapper was apparently handed several microphones that didn’t work, losing his cool and throwing the mic like a video game controller after a last-second loss to a final boss. Although he wasn’t aiming at the woman he wound up hitting, she wound up with a big cut on her forehead

While TMZ’s sources say she wasn’t supposed to be in the restricted area in the first place, the woman — Power 106 radio midday host Bryhana Monegain — wound up in an infirmary, per photos that surfaced on Instagram. TMZ has those as well.

While the Cardi B situation had a more or less happy ending, with the sound equipment’s owner selling the thrown mic for a hefty sum he said he donated to charity, things may not be so pleasant this time. Let’s hope this unofficial trend ends with 50; if fans can’t throw stuff onstage, then artists should definitely also keep their mics to themselves.