Snoop Dogg Tells Everyone To ‘Stop Calling Me’ After 50 Cent Encouraged Fans To Ask Him For Tour Tickets

50 Cent made Snoop Dogg upset after his recent post to promote his sold out concert in Los Angeles tonight.

“LA tomorrow night we are gonna turn it all the way up SOLD OUT!” 50 Cent captioned the Instagram post. He then encouraged fans to call Snoop Dogg if they wanted to get tickets to the Final Lap Tour.

“But call @snoopdogg for tickets, he can still get everybody in,” 50 added. “I’m turning my phone off. LOL #bransoncognac #lecheminduroi @thefinallaptour.”

While his phone number wasn’t leaked, Snoop later took to Instagram to share a video where he was still being bothered by all the calls coming his way.

“Hold on,” Snoop Dogg asked. “Why all you n***** keep calling me for these tickets to 50 Cent’s concert?”

“50 Cent, you told these n***** to call me for tickets?” he continued. “N****, I ain’t got no tickets to your show! I ain’t got no tickets to my show! So y’all can stop calling me, texting me, talking about, ‘Cuz, 50 said…’”

Later in the video, he told everyone calling him to go back to 50 Cent and take it up with him.

However, he also tagged 50 Cent in the caption with a bunch of laughing emojis and one shrug — so the two might just be joking around with each other.

Check out both 50 Cent’s post about calling Snoop Dogg and his reaction video above.