50 Cent Says He Was Offered $1 Million To Attend Donald Trump’s Inauguration

50 Cent has proven himself to be a successful businessman, as he has found plenty of ways outside of music to increase his wealth. A few years ago, though, he says turned down a million-dollar opportunity that would have required virtually no effort and little time on his part. 50 guested on The Breakfast Club this morning, where he revealed that the Trump administration previously offered him a million dollars to attend Donald Trump’s inauguration in 2017.

50 said, “They offered me $1 million to go to Trump’s inauguration. I passed on that. [They initially offered] $500,000 and it went up to a million while I was still confused with whether I should do it.” Charlemagne Tha God then asked why 50 was confused, and he replied, “He was needing it for the same reasons you see now, he participated with different artists for the Black vote. And I’m going, ‘Nah, I ain’t gon’ put myself in that position.’ ‘Cause I don’t know what I’d have to do to recover from that.”

He also expressed his belief that Lil Wayne got paid to show support for Trump, responding to Charlamagne’s suggestion of that, “Yeah, I’m sure. Easily. He got paid. He had the sweater and the picture.”

Watch the interview clip above, and find the full conversation below.