50 Cent Mocks Lil Wayne For Endorsing Trump After He Was Criticized For Doing The Same Thing

Lil Wayne caused a stir yesterday when he posted a tweet praising the Trump administration’s “Platinum Plan” and posing alongside the man himself. Fans reacted with dismay to learn that the Funeral rapper had endorsed Trump and even some of his peers spoke up to criticize his decision. One of those peers, 50 Cent, might not have the moral high ground — but when has that ever stopped him from a good troll?

Posting a screenshot of TMZ’s story about the endorsement along with the photo, 50 censured his fellow rapper. “Oh no, Wayne,” he wrote. “I would never have took this picture.” However, 50 himself was just admonished for doing something similar, including by his own ex-girlfriend Chelsea Handler, when he posted an Instagram photo of a misleading television news graphic about Joe Biden’s supposed tax plan proposing a 62% tax on New Yorkers making more than $400,000/year (something 50, a resident of Connecticut, wouldn’t even have to worry about anyway). He said he’d be voting for Trump just to avoid the additional taxes, never mind Trump’s racist rhetoric.

50 Cent

Such was the backlash against 50 that even he had to clarify that he was just joking about voting for Trump a few days later, with Handler confirming that he was supporting Biden instead. That didn’t stop conservative figures from adopting him as a symbol of their movement alongside Ice Cube and Kanye West, despite many of those same characters spending the past decade criticizing rappers and rap music for their content. This election can’t wrap up soon enough.