A Perfect Circle Highlight Our Smartphone Obsessions In Their Dark And Dystopian ‘Disillusioned’ Video

Next month, after a 14-year long stretch between albums, A Perfect Circle will finally give their fans a brand new collection of songs to pore through. Titled Eat The Elephant, the latest project from the Maynard James Keenan-led group looks to build on the dark, rhapsodic material that captured people’s minds going back to 2000 with their debut Mer De Noms. Today, the band have decided to give their fans another glimpse into their latest project through a stunning new video for the single “Disillusioned.”

The video itself relays a dark and dystopian reality where everyone seems to be consumed by their smartphones. One girl manages to break free from this reality, sneaking away and happening upon a group of people in a circle outdoors. Someone flicks a lighter in front of her face, snapping her out of her technologically-obsessed universe into a colorful and bright new reality.

Of course, as anyone who’s seen the band live recently is well aware, A Perfect Circle are no fans of smartphones. At each venue, the group enforce a strict, no phones, no cameras, no videos policy, and are totally cool with kicking anyone out who doesn’t fully obey the rules.

Eat The Elephant is scheduled to drop on April 20th. You can watch A Perfect Circle’s “Disillusioned” video above.