Adele Performed ‘I Miss You’ At A Secret Grammys Gig And It Is Every Bit As Amazing As You’d Expect

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02.14.16 2 Comments

This Adele character seems to be quite good at singing. Has anyone pointed that out before? Everyone on the planet, you say? That checks out.

The mega-selling mega-talent is in such high-demand these days that getting tickets to one of her concerts is about as easy as milking a unicorn. You can likely imagine the hysterics that the attendees of Adele’s intimate pre-Grammy show flew into on Friday when she busted out tunes from 25 (plus more) for those lucky (or well-connected) enough to see/hear it. Among the treats offered to the roughly 2,300 fans at L.A.’s Wiltern Theatre was the remarkable live debut of the tune ‘I Miss You.’ There are certainly worse ways to spend a Friday night.

Billboard reports that an impressive gaggle of celebs (our betters!) made it out to see the show. Jennifer Lawrence, Tom Hanks, Emma Stone, Katy Perry, Josh Groban, James Corden, Orlando Bloom, Woody Harrelson and HAIM were apparently among the photogenic lot that snapped up the hottest ticket in town. Speaking of tickets, Adele apologized to the crowd for the hassle in acquiring them.

“Sorry if it was a pain in the ass getting the tickets,” Adele told the audience. “Did any of you pay more than $50 for any of these tickets? … They were all saying ‘oh let’s do $150 a ticket, oh yeah! So-n-so said that…’ I said $50.”

“I would have [charged] less, but my record label is paying for this,”

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