This Woman Trolled Her Ex-Boyfriend By Texting Him Adele Lyrics

Adele appreciates being more popular than Star Wars, and having the number-one song in the country, and appearing on SNL, and breaking a whole bunch of records. But something tells me the thing about “Hello” that makes her happiest is that it’s being used to mess with ex-boyfriends.

The last time Mary and Matt spoke, she told him to “f*ck” himself. But along came “Hello,” and Mary reached out to him again through text.

This works with any “hello” song really.

“Hey, you.”
“Is it me you’re looking for?”
“Hard pass.”

“Hello, hello.”
“I don’t know why you say goodbye, I say hello.”
“[sends d*ck pic]”

“Hello, I love you.”
“Please stop texting me.”
“Won’t you tell me your name?”
“My name is I’m Calling the Cops.”

Okay, maybe not every “hello” song.