Drake’s 6-Year-Old Son Adonis Now Has His Own Full Song, ‘My Man Freestyle,’ And He Balls Out In The Video

When Drake released his new album For All The Dogs earlier this month, one featured guest in particular made waves: Adonis Graham, Drake’s son (who turned 6 years old a few days ago). He had a quick verse featured at the end of the song “Daylight,” but now it turns out that it was actually part of a full song: Yesterday (October 15), the complete song, dubbed “My Man Freestyle,” was released in full, credited to Adonis.

Drake dropped a video for the track and it features Adonis and some friends playing basketball. There’s also a part in the middle of the song where Adonis, taking on the role of coach, addresses his pals and offers instruction on how to up their game. Drake makes a quick appearance in the visual, as does Toronto Raptors rookie Gradey Dick, but the focus is all on Adonis.

As for the song’s lyrics, they’re not bad for a freestyle from a 6-year-old! Choice excerpts include, “I was waiting for this moment to arrive / I was driving in the car and I mash my car / I was playing on my iPad and I broke my iPad / I am going to my house, see my dad / I am saying hi to my dad and I have to go change / I’m playing basketball,” and, “You don’t want to eat a lollipop / I don’t know who sells ice pops / I don’t know who sells lollipops / I don’t know who sells lollipops / Go ask to a cloud, I don’t know / Go ask to a cloud, I don’t know / You can go ask somebody else / I do not have the skills for it / I just have the skills for the basketball game / Or the soccer game, or the tennis game, or the golf game.”

Watch the “My Man Freestyle” video above.