An ‘American Dad’ Writer Was Worried The Weeknd Would Be Offended By His Virgin-Themed Episode

A couple months ago, American Dad superfan The Weeknd had the opportunity to star in an episode of the long-running animated show. The theme of the episode stood in stark contrast to The Weeknd’s public persona, as it was about the singer secretly being a virgin (complete with a song about his purity).

The Weeknd and American Dad writer/producer Joel Hurwitz recently sat down for an interview with Variety, and during the chat, Hurwitz said he didn’t pitch the idea to The Weeknd because he thought the singer might find it offensive. The concept make it onto the show, however, because The Weeknd actually called Hurwitz with the same idea. Hurwitz said:

“We thought the original song should play against The Weeknd’s brand. The writers room pitched so many hilarious song ideas. One day in the room, I wrote ‘Weeknd is Virgin’ on the board. I instantly regretted it. I was crying from laughing so hard, but I still didn’t know Abel that well. I thought it would offend him. Like, asking The Weeknd to call himself a virgin isn’t quirky — it would straight up damage The Weeknd’s image if the episode sucks. So I didn’t pitch the virgin idea. Then that night, Abel called me and said, ‘Hey, what if I was a virgin?'”

The Weeknd added, “When you hear the song you understand that it’s specifically for the show. Also a big shout out to Asa [Taccone, of Electric Guest], who is a f*cking genius producer/writer. Definitely will be collaborating with him more in the future.”

Read the full interview here.