Could Anderson Paak Be Collaborating With BTS Next?

Although it’s his brand new collaboration with Bruno Mars that has catapulted Anderson Paak back into the news cycle — and to the Grammys stage, no less — the Silk Sonic project hasn’t taken other options for joint work off the table for Paak. He seems to be, ahem, leaving the door open for other collaborations, if they come across his desk.

In a recent interview with Esquire the R&B star talked about his love and respect for K-pop, particularly one of the biggest acts in the genre (and the world) right now, BTS. It’s actually Paak’s son, Soul, who he speaks to about the band — especially considering Soul’s mom and Paak’s wife, Jaylyn, is from South Korea.

“I tell him, ‘Yeah, K-pop is where it’s at, man,” Paak said of conversations with his son. “Make sure you keep up with your Korean’ because you could be rapping in Korean one day, and we’ll fly your ass out there, and you won’t got to worry about sh*t.'”

And as far as any plans Anderson himself might have for working with the crew, he sounds more than interested: “I’m working on trying to get that plug, man,” he told Esquire. “If you know of any way, let me know, bro.” The article notes that Paak is “mostly joking,” yet, the isn’t that far of a stretch. Paak has already worked with the likes of Kendrick Lamar, and appeared on Jazmine Sullivan’s excellent 2021 record Heaux Tales. K-pop could easily be next.

Well, it seems unlikely that journalist has the connect, but BTS if you’re reading this, please consider! Since both artists are performing at the Grammys tomorrow night, it just might be possible they’ll bump into each other backstage. Fingers crossed.

Check out Esquire‘s full profile on Anderson here and his brand new track with Bruno, “Leave The Door Open” above.

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