Anderson .Paak’s ‘Ventura’ Single ‘King James’ Is A Funky Invitation To A Good Time

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With Anderson .Paak’s new album Ventura right around the corner, the Aftermath-signed singer/rapper gives a taste of what listeners can expect with the album’s first single, “King James.” Judging from the bubbly bassline and slinky groove, listeners can expect more funky, upbeat jams to throw on at their next skate party, should they live within viable radius of their local roller rink. Even if you don’t, this song should get hips and shoulders moving as Anderson bops along like something out of the ’80s, all whistles, hand claps, and good vibes. It’s out now in Oceanic markets and should land at midnight this evening in North America.

.Paak recently revealed the tracklist for the upcoming album, which he recorded at the same time as 2018’s Oxnard, promising features from Andre 3000, Brandy, Smokey Robinson, and even, somehow, the late, great Nate Dogg. The soul dripping off this thing could provide everlasting sheen to 1,000 Jheri curls at once.

Ventura‘s quick turnaround time is no accident. The singer broke it down in a press release, explaining that in the creative rush to complete Oxnard on time, he wound up setting aside some personal passion projects, which collectively make up what he says is an album that is all him. You’ll get a chance to catch Anderson performing songs from both albums this summer on his Best Teef In The Game Tour, starting May 17 in Nashville.

Ventura is due April 12 on Aftermath Entertainment.

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