André 3000 Is Taking Flute Music To Yet Another Level With A ‘New Blue Sun’ IMAX Live Experience

A lot of people want André 3000 to release a rap album, whether solo or as an OutKast reunion with Big Boi. André 3000 really wants to do that as well, but it doesn’t seem like that’s happening soon. Instead, he’s offering his loyal fans a pretty awesome consolation prize.

On Tuesday, January 16, André 3000 announced New Blue Sun: An IMAX Live Experience. For those unaware, he released New Blue Sun in mid-November. The purely instrumental album allowed him to flex as a flutist and was widely received positively.

New Blue Sun: An IMAX Live Experience,” 3 Stacks captioned his Instagram announcement. “Cinematic Album Listening Event & Live-Stream Q&A 01/23/24.” According to the post, it is a one-night-only event on Tuesday, January 23, and it will include “a conversation with André 3000.”

The IMAX website offers the following synopsis:

“Join André 3000 in celebrating the release of his genre leaping debut solo album, New Blue Sun with an album listening cinematic experience and live Q&A. Directed by Terence Nance, witness André’s fusion of improv creativity and musical exploration in vivid detail and unparalleled sound quality through the IMAX Live Experience, blending captivating visuals and instrumentation.”

You can also search for tickets at participating IMAX theaters, including AMC The Grove and AMC Burbank 16 in the Los Angeles area as well as AMC Empire 25 and AMC Lincoln Square 13 in New York City.