Are Summer Walker & Lil Meech Dating?

Fans recently started speculating that Summer Walker and BMF actor Demetrius “Lil Meech” Flenory Jr. are dating following some interesting (possibly not-so-coincidental) encounters. Considering the two’s social media posts, it wasn’t long before people pieced the puzzle together.

Walker shared a photo of herself holding a Pringles can while sitting in the passenger side of someone’s Lamborghini with a blue interior. Guess who drives that exact car? Some have also spotted Meech’s classic pink phone case.

Earlier this week, the pair were rumored to have been spotted out together again. Another video uploaded to social media appears to be of the two at a party — but she’s wearing a mask. “If you ain’t tryna be seen out w me ion want it,” one person reacted.

Lil Meech set the record straight today with an Instagram comment after photos surfaced of him with another girl. “This two years ago,” he responded. “Summer is mine.”

Still, not everyone is exactly convinced. “These are two different cars look at the radios,” someone wrote. Even Meech’s comment could serve as an interpretation for the upcoming season, as many pointed out, including, “I like how he did that cause it can be taken 2 ways. He could be saying summer his girl or that he outside this summer.”

View the photos and video sparking the Summer Walker and Lil Meech dating conversation above. Continue scrolling for some additional fan reactions.