Ari Lennox Goes On A Series Of Disastrous Dates In Her New Video For ‘POF’

On the heels of her sophomore album, Age/Sex/Location, Ari Lennox has dropped to video for the instant fan-favorite track, “POF.

The song’s title refers to the age-old adage, “there’s plenty of fish in the sea,” as well as the dating service Plenty Of Fish. In the video, Lennox is seen laying in bed, reading and responding to messages from men with whom she matches on an app. She decides to give some of these men a chance, however, she quickly realizes she should’ve stayed home.

On one of her dates, she joins a man at a luxury restaurant. Said man later takes food from Lennox’s plate. On another date, she goes mini-golfing with a man (played by Smino!) who takes the game a bit too seriously. On a third date, she goes to Netflix and chill at a man’s place, only for his mom to interrupt them, offering cookies.

“What’s that they say, back in the day? / It’s plenty of fish in the sea / Will somebody explain / what’s with these lame fish that be swimming to me?” Lennox sings on the song’s chorus.

Toward the end of the video, fans will notice an easter egg referring to another one of Lennox’s videos.

Check out the video for “POF” above.