You Can Now Watch Atmosphere’s New Album ‘Mi Vida Local’ Through An Innovative Visual Stream

When it comes to new music Friday, it can be difficult for an artist to set themselves apart from the pack, especially in a crowded week like this one is. It’s especially hard for an independent artist, sans a major label promotion budget and infrastructure, to publicize a new release without an entertaining or innovative tactic. Fortunately for Minnesota veteran rap duo Atmosphere, they’ve got the perfect thing to promote their new album Mi Vida Local: A visual stream of the full album on Youtube, touring their favorite Minneapolis locations.

From record stores and skate shops to the local zoo, Atmosphere’s Mi Vida Local stream takes in the local scenery of the group’s longtime stomping grounds as Slug raps his trademark, emotionally candid lyrics over Ant’s sample-driven, heavy-hitting beats. The visuals, shot and edited by Tomas Aksamit, focus sharply on the places that inspired the group throughout their 20-year career, including Pimento Jamaican Kitchen, Glam Doll Donuts, Familia Skateshop, and more. Mi Vida Local is the group’s eighth album in that time, and their first in two years.

It’s worth checking out the stream solely for the beautifully shot footage of Minneapolis (seriously, this thing should be the official tourism guide), but Atmosphere’s music is still as insightful and honest as ever, so either way, it’s a win for them, for their Rhymesayers label, and for indies everywhere. Take notes, folks; this is how it’s done.

Mi Vida Local is out now via Rhymesayers Entertainment. Get it here.

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