Mexico’s President Really Wants Bad Bunny To Give A Free Concert After The Ticketmaster Fiasco

On December 9 and 10, many Bad Bunny fanatics were left distraught outside his shows in Mexico City due to being denied entry despite their tickets. Ticketmaster’s statement claimed it was a result of fans buying fake tickets from secondhand sellers. Either way, the incident was devastating.

According to The Guardian, Mexico’s president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, is so invested in the situation that he brought it up during a morning news conference, asking Bad Bunny to give a free concert at the capital’s central Zócalo plaza. He said, “I ask Bad Bunny, I know he is overworked and tired because he works a lot, but I ask him to consider the possibility of coming to Mexico, to the Zócalo. Hopefully he comes.”

“It made us very emotional to see sad young people who couldn’t enter because their tickets were cloned, because they were cheated, some crying,” he added. “They saved for a long time to be able to buy their tickets.”

It was also previously revealed that Mexico’s Federal Attorney’s Office For Consumers (PROFECO) launched an investigation into Ticketmaster. “As we are a fiscal authority, if they don’t want to pay of their own will, we will seize their accounts then, and they will pay because they have to,” said Ricardo Sheffield, the head of PROFECO.