Bad Bunny’s ‘Monaco’ Video Starring Al Pacino Is A Mafia-Inspired Display Of His Massive Wealth, International Appeal, And More

Bad Bunny’s latest album, Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va A Pasar Mañana, is enjoying massive success. While some believe it includes several slight jabs at others, the musician was sure to show plenty of love to others. The official Stillz-directed video for the latest single, “Monaco,” shows that even a global superstar like Bad Bunny still fans out over other entertainers.

In the chorus (roughly translated), Bad Bunny raps, “Drinking a lot of champagne, we’re never dry / First came Verstappen, then came Checo / If Pablo saw me, he’d say I’m a beast / You’re talking shit while me and mine are in Monaco / Drinking a lot of champagne, we’re never dry / They’re talking to themselves, they’re talking to the echo / The sign of money that’s my new zodiac / I light a cigar, the family is in Monaco.”

The song’s sample of Charles Aznavour’s “Hier Encore” adds to the international appeal. We see how Bad Bunny’s luxurious lifestyle offers him plenty of perks, including the companionship of gorgeous women, mega-yachts, and fine dining.

At the end of the video, legendary actor Al Pacino sits down for a touching conversation with the musician. “You are doing great. You really are doing great,” Pacino says, adding that he’s “charging it up, and I’m enjoying it.”

“That’s what I’m doing, just enjoying life,” replied Bad Bunny.

They close their interaction by singing Traffic’s 1968 song “Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring,” whose lyrics contain the title of Bad Bunny’s album.

Watch Bad Bunny’s video for “Monaco” above.

Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va A Pasar Mañana is out now via Rimas Entertainment. Find out more information here.