Bas’ Nostalgic ‘Nirvana’ Video With Falcons B. Lewis Takes A Wild Tokyo Trip

Dreamville’s Bas released the Spilled Milk 1 EP in August, but that doesn’t mean he’s quite done promoting it. He shows the EP just as much love as a full-length with the release of the video for its single “Nirvana,” which features dance music producer Falcons and San Jose singer B. Lewis. Bas, who’s probably best recognized for his work with Dreamville founder J. Cole and his 2018 full-length MIlky Way, has expanded his sound recently by working with some out-of-pocket producers like Falcons and FKJ and the effect has been intriguing to say the least.

In the relatively straightforward “Nirvana” video, tour footage from the trio’s recent visit to Japan is spliced with performance shots in the park, all shot in a grainy, low-fi aesthetic that gives the footage a dreamy quality as the group makes sake toasts, eats sushi straight from the source, and crashes motorbikes on the streets of Tokyo. Bas explained the video’s concept on Twitter, writing, “Mannnn if you know me you know how much I love Tokyo. Been like a dozen times and it never gets old. This time Im particular all the stats aligned. The result was an impromptu video shoot. Let the good times roll.”

Spilled Milk 1 is out now via Dreamville/Interscope. Get it here. Also, check out the video for the EP’s second single, “Jollof Rice” featuring Earthgang.