Beck’s Latest Track ‘Up All Night’ Is Basically A Pop Song

Beck has spent his entire musical career going left when people thought he was going right and keeping his fans on their toes. His last album, 2014’s Morning Phase, which took home the Grammy for Album of the Year, was lush and mellow, driven by harmonies and acoustic guitar. Since then, Beck has traveled as far away from those sounds as possible and his latest release is further evidence of this shift.

First it was “Dreams” and then “Wow.” Now it’s “Up All Night,” which is easily his most pop release yet. The song, which appears in the FIFA ’17 video game, is reported to be included on Beck’s new album that is slated to be released in November. His previous pop offerings will be on there as well, meaning that for fans of Morning Phase, this album might not be for you. Guero fans might not feeling it either. Or Modern Guilt.

Actually, any lifelong Beck fans might have problems with this new direction he’s taking, seeing as how with each new song, he’s going further and further down the road toward pop music. Not that there’s anything wrong with that of course. Pop music is a national treasure.

I guess we’ll see once the album comes out.