Benny The Butcher Explains His Absence From Drake And Kanye West’s Latest Albums

Benny The Butcher is a part of Buffalo’s gritty Griselda collective, a group that stands as one of the most active in the music world. The group has released three albums and a mixtape so far in 2021, with more expected to arrive in the coming months. The rappers of Griselda have contributed to multiple songs as well, with one of the most recent being Kanye West’s “Keep My Spirit Alive,” which features Conway The Machine and Westside Gunn in addition to KayCyy, from West’s tenth album, Donda.

Many questioned, however, why Benny The Butcher was absent from the song and the rapper recently responded to the question and addressed another expected collaboration with a different big-named rapper.

“I don’t think Ye wanted me on there,” Benny said when he asked about his absence from the Donda track during an interview on Twitch with Connected. “I don’t care about it but it’s cool. I got all types of rapper homeboys that’s friends, that’s dope, that’s legends. Everytime they’re dropping an album, I’m not asking why I’m not on that stuff.”

Benny also spoke about his long-awaited collaboration with Drake and why it didn’t appear on Certified Lover Boy.

“Drake is Drake. He’s the biggest artist in the world, so ain’t no tellin’ where that song gon’ land,” Benny said. “We got the song, I played it for all the homies. It’s a vibe and he gotta place that where he sees fit to it.” He added, “I feel like it definitely would have fit in and definitely would have mixed things up, but I also see why he didn’t put it on there.”

You can watch a clip of the interview in the post above.