Music’s Best Halloween Costumes Of 2019, From Drake To Ariana Grande

In a way, a lot of musicians are preparing for Halloween all year. A good number of our favorite artists wear elaborate outfits on stage, in their music videos, and for other public appearances, all of which are great practice for Halloween, the biggest costume event of the year. The point is that musicians are specially equipped to show off memorable Halloween costumes, and this year, they delivered.

For example, Ariana Grande went all out, spending hours in a makeup chair and coming out the other side as a perfect re-creation of the pig-faced characters from the iconic “Eye Of The Beholder” episode of The Twilight Zone. Meanwhile, Drake found inspiration that was closer to reality by dressing up as his father, donning a fake mustache and matching outfit.

Meanwhile, G-Eazy busted out an impressively executed trio of characters: The Joker, Edward Scissorhands, and Dracula. Halsey also went full method and basically became Marilyn Manson. Ciara and Russell Wilson also had perhaps the best music-themed costume, dressing as Jay-Z and Beyonce from their famous “Apesh*t” video. Megan Thee Stallion dressed up as Chun Li from Street Fighter, but more impressively, she also recently released the first episode of her new web series, Hottieween.

There are plenty more tremendous costumes beyond that, so check out some of the best Halloween get-ups from the music world below.

Some artists mentioned are Warner Music artists. .